Goodbye: another night in the theatre

But not any old night. Another class of actors enters the industry at their showcase performance and end of three years of intensive training. Their lovely talent shone through despite the grunginess of the venue. As always, I felt as though a bunch of fledglings was leaving the nest and needed protection. No, let them go and, hopefully, watch them fly. Along with many other actor-trainers, I hate showcases. They are artificial exercises designed to market a human product; they always make me feel incredibly sad and proud in equal measure. C’est la guerre.

I wanted it to go so well for them all, dressed up, clutching their business cards, learning how to pick their way through the minefield of industry schmoozing required to get agents, casting calls, auditions, jobs. It’s a tough business. Many will walk away finding it too hard, too compromising, too … .

Break a leg and never give up!


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