Diversionary tactics on a Sunday

A weekend outside that is glorious, and I’m stuck into report writing and continuing the bash together a conference paper, due Wednesday. Not much of this so far. Nothing like a little bit of pressure to bring out the procrastinator in me.

What I have done is to sort photographs into smart albums (in iPhoto) using a batch processing feature of the software … funny, have never done this before. It’s a very quick and easy way to move the pix around into various boxes. That took up a good hour. Then, in to downloading the new version of Skype for the Mac. Synchronised my new Nokia N95 (a beautiful thing) with my calendars and contacts on my desktop and .Mac, and produced an entire schedule of classes for semester 2 in Omni Outliner Pro. It’s beautiful too, but the semester’s end is frighteningly close.

The countdown timer on my desktop shows 35 days till lift-off to London where I’ll spend the break. That meant that I had to check what shows are on during the time I’ll be away. Another 40 minutes of surfing, and what adventures await me in theatre land! A new production of Shaw’s St Joan at the NT, and Spamalot the musical also playing. Bring it on. Meantime, back to the drawing board.


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