Day 2: Comment08

Photo: Thanks Doug Miller

And so to day 2 and visiting a previously-unvisited blog. Easy this one and a nice outcome. Several of my commenters are new to me, so it was a pleasure to visit all of their blogs and to leave a couple of comments and they commented back and hey ho, off we go.

Now of course all of these bloggers are attached to our e-learning/blogging niche … that almost goes without saying. Another way to choose a random blog is to click on the facility on whatever blog platform you use. On my WordPress there is a hotlink to a hot random post; some of these are useful for this exercise, but you never know your luck. Try tag surfing as well … that can lead to some gold in areas related to your niche. I think Blogger lets you just click on the next or previous blog to your own.

So, lots of ways to browse the blogs out there and to leave a calling card when you do. A bit like viewing during an open-house; you never know which contacts will become meaningful in the future.


7 responses to “Day 2: Comment08”

  1. Lorna Avatar

    This is an interesting activity. I used google to find you. An never ending circle of bloggers . In this case education as a nice

  2. Lorna Avatar

    sorry can’t get the hand of this software. ….niche. What were you doing before this challenge to build your knowledge base?

  3. Kate Foy Avatar

    Lorna. Building my knowledge base was/is a daily revealing of possibilities. Just keeping on writing, reading, commenting. It’s an adventure and I think a never-ending story.

  4. Kevin Avatar

    What I find interesting about this Comment Challenge (and any time you can stumble upon new blogs) is that there seem to be worlds upon worlds of communities that you never quite knew existed, until you enter them.
    I find that fascinating.
    It’s natural to get stuck inside a closed circle of “friends” in networks and assume that is all there is. But that is NOT all there is.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Bonnie K Avatar

    Hi Kate,
    Glad you added some details about yourself. We have good things in common: lots of theater, and the power of the mac. What more do you need? I am finally not just reading new blogs, but I’m leaving comments at midnight. How exciting is that?

  6. Kate Foy Avatar

    Hi Bonnie K,
    ah, perfect combination … Mac and theatre … don’t know why, but most of the creatives and artists I know use Macs. Lifestyle thing do you think?

    As to midnight blogging … yep, chalk that up for me too. I tend to be an early morning blogger. Coffee, sunrise and words.

  7. Andrea Hernandez Avatar

    You make it sound like so much fun…and, really, it is. I use blogger for my blog and sometimes click on “next blog” just to visit random blogs. But I’ve never thought of leaving my calling card. I guess I’ve been more of a lurking type, but I am finding that it’s not all that difficult to comment. Even if I don’t know what to say, once I start typing I find the words.

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