Cinco de Mayo or Day 5 of the Comment Challenge

Now Cinco de Mayo is huge elsewhere, but it kind of passes us by down here in Australia, a bit the way Australia Day would in Mexico. There you go!

However what does unite us globally on a daily … seemingly hourly basis what with television, Twitter, Facebook et al … are words and images, faces and voices of strangers. Eerily, when you’re engaged in a challenge like this one … to become a better blog citizen by sharpening up your communication skills … I reckon we’re doing the long-term cause of international harmony no harm at all. Yes as bloggers we’re probably all homophilic and so on; Michele Martin on the Bamboo Blog introduced me to the term a week or so back. Comment followed on the larger tendency we have as social herding beings to hang out with like-mindeds, and as bloggers to stick within our own niche … the birds of a feather syndrome. I mean look at the way groups and circles work on Flickr and Facebook to name two social-networking apps. Doesn’t mean we have to stay within our own playgrounds though; wandering a little further beyond the safety fence can bring its own thrills and value add to social capital.

Like many died-in-the-wool educators and other people of good will, I’m keen to push the boundaries of my own and others’ thinking whether it’s round the block or somewhere far, far away. The proliferation of technologies enabling instant communication gives opportunity to share in and debate many collective wisdoms. Add accessibility and the will to change for the better, and I remain ridiculously optimistic perhaps that present and future citizens of the 21st century and beyond can have a real chance to set their own agenda.

And Day 5’s task? To comment on a blogpost I didn’t agree with. Well I guess I put a dissenting (but I hope kindly) point of view to a young’un from the lofty heights of my own great experience! Haven’t heard back yet, but if I do I think the debate can only enrich both sides of the fence … the way that accepting diversity of race, beliefs and so on will need to happen if we’re going to claim the 21st century we all desire for our children and theirs.


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