Christmas Morn

And all is well. It’s the first time I’ve spent Christmas at home at Yarrawonga for years. Our ridge is alive with the sound of rainbow lorikeets and cicadas, and the air full of drifts of eucalypt blossom and their sweet honey smell. It’s a glorious warm morning, and I’m musing on Christmases past and those who are no longer here to spend it with us. All the memories are good, and the video in my mind unwinds with so many images of faces and places associated with those happy times. My grown up son and I are doing Christmas alone this year as are my daughter, her partner, and the rest of the family. Feels odd, but then we probably need to rest before the big push overseas January 3rd.

Had a fun day on the web yesterday. How else does a geek girl spend her holiday? Stumbled over the new Google Reader and the whole suite of Google tools for digital tragics like me. Some very nice stuff out there. I’m pretty much convinced too that Blogger (another Google fave) is going to be the tool to use for coursework that requires reflection and sharing. It simply has more features and is pretty much customizable for the individual user.

And really, I should spend the day away from lists and sites and organising myself silly, and get in the moment! Read myself to sleep last night with one of Charles Dickens’ Christmas stories, The Seven Poor Travellers a sort of 19th century, moral Canterbury Tales, but definitely not one of his best. I should have gone with A Christmas Carol at least some of the juicier bits. The Seven Poor Travellers had a definite unfinished feel to it, but the staid prose soothed me off to a dreamless night. Note to self: read more classics in 2007. The other neat little project for 2007 will be to take a picture a day. Set up the computer to take a pic every day when I log on– Project 365.





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