Branding and Theme

This is piggy-backing a little on branding, one of the ancillary threads running through the 31 Day Comment Challenge.

I’m wondering what role you think your blog’s theme plays in the matter of branding you and your blog? Why did you choose the theme you are using right now? Was it because it fits your brand or the tone of your niche?

I look forward to hearing from you.





4 responses to “Branding and Theme”

  1. Bonnie K Avatar

    Nice to respond to your question, because I wasn’t sure how to work on this challenge.
    I often try out other edublog themes, but I keep returning to the one I’ve been using for more than a year. I can change to color of the header, I like the fact that it has three columns, it feels like home although as I write this, maybe I might return and look again. But I enjoy returning to my blog just to have a look.
    I love the new blog Ive created since I’ve been in this challenge and that speaks to my growth as a blogger. Its focus is simple and showcases my passion for image and text.

  2. inpi Avatar

    Hi, Kate
    I choose the theme I’m using right now maily because:
    1. It is large, with 3 columns, there is room for plenty of widgets, I’m free to fill so much space.
    2. The original header was related to the sea, so it is outlined in blue; I can play with different tones of blue, thus creating a quiet and joyful atmosphere.
    3. I live by the sea, so I would like to change the header photo for other photos related to the sea.
    When I return to my blog, in the evening, I like to have a loved landscape back near me.
    4. The actual header photo, taken from the house of a great friend, shows a landscape that is full of memories to me.
    Yes, I think my theme fits my brand.
    Thank you for asking.

  3. Lynn Avatar

    Hi Kate
    I use the theme I do because I can add a custom header and I like putting my photos at the top of my blog. They either pertain to what I’m writing about, or remind me of someplace I’ve been. I change the photo fairly often. I like two columns so my posts aren’t so long and skinny. I tend to write a lot, so a wider column works well for me. I have two blogs and I use the same theme for both. I love adding photos within the posts, and it makes me happy to just go look at my blog and reread what I’ve written recently.
    Interesting question. Thanks

  4. Kate Foy Avatar

    Bonnie K Interesting that colour and images are such important considerations in the way we think about our writing. Not surprising I guess. I spend ages getting the right paper and pen when I do that other kind of writing! I like the 3 columns here, though what you gain in sidebar real-estate you can lose in long, skinny posts I guess!

    inpi Hi Ines. I should post one of my favourite coastline images in the header to give you an idea of our Queensland seas … subtropical. I live inland, but like you always feel soothed when I’m at the coast.

    Lynn I like rotating headers too though I really do need to update mine. I’m currently using shots from around my place. I love the designs Chris Pearson does for WordPress. This is Cutline, but I use Neoclassical on another blog and have recently purchased another theme by him called Thesis. He tends to focus on typography as a strong design element. I like them clean and lean with the images being powerful elements too.

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