And so, 2006, the end is near …

iStock_Old-Photos-SmallA quiet day of taking stock, writing, reading, watching television and tossing stuff!It’s been quite a year. Reading back over other project blogs (USQ 2007 40th Anniversary and SiQP Festival) confirms just how busy I’ve been; I’ve probably convened or attended more meetings this year, than at any other time in my life. Memo to self: try to cut down on these in 2007; take more time for myself, and enjoy the moment(s) as they flow. Have to say it’s been great working outside the Department this year, collaborating with colleagues outside the Faculty of Arts has been refreshing.

Highlights of the year included a successful third Shakespeare in Queen’s Park Festival in March; a sense that this project is growing smoothly and successfully with more people coming on board from other sectors in the university; heading up the USQ 2007 40th Anniversary celebrations committee and planning a year of activities AND having this being supported; being part of the winning team in the Australian Institute of Management’s Great Debate on International Women’s Day in March; discovering the GTD approach to life, something which has revolutionised my working methods. The year also brought a couple of good productions with students at USQ: All Shorts in May-June, and Black Box Shakespeare: all’s fair in October; it was also very nice being reappointed Chair of the Board Queensland Theatre Company in October.

The Pacific Edge Conference on regional arts held in Mackay in September was OK as conferences go. It’s real benefit was the chance to network and being privy to the work of a very exciting company from the US: Sojourn who work on civic-engagement projects. That and seeing my son performing and holding his own very nicely with professionals. It was also a joy to see his work in August in Brecht’s Mother Courage. The Create World Conference held at Griffith U in December was stimulating; seeing the potential of digital tools in teaching and learning inspired a lot of my subsequent research. Travel highlight and a visit to a place I’d never been before was to Carnarvon Gorge in central Queensland with two dear friends. Bushwalking, discovering the awesome thousand-years old cycads growing wild, and just kicking back for three days was what I needed, feeling as I was, carework and frantic. Couldn’t leave the laptop behind though!

Professionally, it’s been a busy, sometimes exhausting, but successful year. Personally, I’m beginning the plan for the R-Years. A small count-down calendar on the desk top reminds me to make the most of each day before then, and to work towards a stress-free exit strategy! And so, farewell 2006.






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