Winding Up, or is that Down?

No definitely down I think. I am sleeping better, and enjoying the coffee more. The pressure is off at work and there’s time to read (oh how I love this) and sufficient trips to Brisbane without too much to do once I get there. Time on the road to finish Michael Connelly’s Echo Park on the iPod. Really have enjoyed this way of getting my fiction fix. I think it’s going to work very nicely on the long flights to Mexico and Hawaii in January.
And speaking of OS, the thoughts are turning now a lot more to plans on the retirement front. I was interviewed last week by a reporter for a magazine on the 25 most influential women or some such nonsense. Found myself spilling the beans on the projects I have planned for the “golden years” and the folder marked “sometime maybe” (thanks David Allen and GTD).
One of my work pals is getting the benefit of some of the travel catalogues which I take in and over which we pore. He wants to do some amazing train journeys, and there’s one from St Petersburg to Berlin by private train over which I think he genuinely drooled! For me it’s still the wandering round the eastern Med and then on to the UK for a bit. Bring it on! Meantime as far as the GTD front is concerned, today is the day I do my 6 monthly review and clear the desk. The inboxes are empty and happy!
The garden is looking nicely fresh after the heavy storm rains of the past 10 days or so, but will probably quickly dry up once summer comes in properly. Right now it’s unseasonally cool and Christmas could be both cool, damp as well as quiet.
Haven’t sent many cards this year. It all seems an odd thing to do now that many of the old ways seem to have gone. It’s e-cards or a phone call now. Have we lost something in all this? Maybe, maybe …
The creative writing has taken a bit of a back seat this week, but it will come!






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