Why Theatre?

Occasionally a gem sparkles amongst the tailings of most journalism on the theatre. Such a piece was Kathleen Noonan’s All the World’s a Stage (Brisbane’s The Courier Mail 24-25 November). It was a very personal take on the power of theatre to move, shake, or soothe like ‘a warm cup of cocoa’ if that’s your taste.

Noonan puts her case using Brisbane’s healthy theatre scene, but it’s really about what theatre does for people. She reviews Queensland Theatre Company’s production of Heroes, and looks back over some personal favourites from the past year or so, and forward with anticipation to 2008. She does so with style and passion. She’s right there in the words:

Good theatre is a performance-enhancing drug. Like blood-doping, it feels like there’s extra oxygen in the bloodstream, more ideas in our head than before.


You don’t have to have prior information about context or themes or symbols. Sure, all that adds a layer. But really good theatre just needs you to sit still and be prepred to find something out. Good theatre is passionate and demands passionate reactions.

You can find this article in full along with others by C-M’s ‘resident Saturday philospher.’

I wish our print-based media devoted more space to pieces like Kathleen Noonan’s … about the things that matter, and connect us.





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