What I Have Learned about Blogging this Month?

Well lots, as a matter of fact. Being part of the 31-Day challenge is not quite over yet, but we’re in to the reflective part of the process which is going to take me more than 24 hours to complete.

Do a SWOT Analysis is the order from sensei Problogger today. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats … I’ve been down this road before with other enterprises … as with mission statements. The roadway in Academe is littered with these. Mission statements and their companions, visions, objectives etc., and SWOT analyses are useful if taken seriously, and implemented … marketers love them. But even if they morph and change to reflect the dynamics of the living organism (I’m thinking of the blogger behind the blog as well as the project here!) then the exercise is still useful. If only to take a snapshot of the project at a moment in time, to capture what’s gone before in order to assist with the next step, then they should be done.

Hey ho SWOTTING it is for the next day or so. I’ll be back …






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