What do you do on a day off?


Ironically perhaps, I thought this was a pretty good question to ask of fellow commenters on the 31 Day Comment Challenge. It’s a day off for me since I’ve done all the tasks so far and we’re roughly half way through the challenge. Where did those days go to?

So when you’re not blogging, what do you do? Do you take a break from time to time … a deliberate break that is, and not one where the dreaded writer’s block stuns you.

I read, I play around with new tools and software, wander through the garden, take photographs, teach, take in a movie, listen to music, a favourite podcast or two … think about the coming months. Always though, always an idea springs out of nowhere for a post or two. These get scribbled into a notebook for later.

What about you?





3 responses to “What do you do on a day off?”

  1. Sue Waters Avatar

    My favourite past time to unwind is to go watch a really good movie (if I can get away with it go to Gold Class). Also love reading a good book.

  2. Ken Allan Avatar

    Kia Ora Kate.

    Playing music is one of my favourite day-off activities. It frees the mind of all the practical things in life. Being intangible it forces me to think in a fantasy land which is not material. Great therapy for thinking, almost cathartic.

    Ka kite

  3. inpi Avatar

    I’m glad to find a simple question, as today we are supposed to write five quick comments: I’m very fond of walking by the sea, visiting friends, reading and exploring new web tools – it’s my day off now and I’m trying”Webling”: http://www.weblin.com/
    Thank you, Kate.

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