What Blog Platform Is Best?

Some of the tasks in the 31 Day Challenge continue to raise the issue of blog design. Looking at the range of the tasks from analysing the ‘competition’, to creating ‘about’ and ‘sneeze’ pages and so on brings me to ask, ‘What do you like or dislike about your current blog software platform?’

I’ve had a quick skim through our small group and it looks as though the WordPress/Edublog coalition has it, followed by Blogger, and then Typepad. No one seems to be using Vox, though I’ve been testing its waters. I’m also reading on Movable Type.

I’m thinking about a switch because I find the lack of pages in Blogger to be limiting. I know there is a workaround, but it’s really just a post by another name. I’ve checked that Blogger can export to WordPress for example, but don’t wish to dive in too quickly.

Why do you use the platform you’re on now?






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  1. Laura Whitehead Avatar
    Laura Whitehead

    Hi, I moved my blog over to WordPress for ease and speed, and for all the plugins. My husband wanted to start blogging too, so thought that we should use the same platform, plus I wanted to use a well known tool to show how easy it is for others to get on board with blogging. It is easy, although have found that alot of the plugins weren’t what I needed in the end. I was blogging in my other favourite CMS (which isn’t really a blogging tool) Modx prior to that. Textpattern is another nice application which copes with blogging well, which I like alot and have used for some sites.

  2. Sue Waters Avatar
    Sue Waters

    Hi Kate

    I am using Edublogs (which uses WordPress). There are pros and cons with Edublogs and Blogger. It does take you a bit longer to learn to use Edublogs but you do gain in terms of functionality.

    Edublogs has fantastic support – any issues and there is a fast response. The search function on edublogs is better than many of the others as it is inbuilt compared to blogger that requires you to use technorati – which takes longer. Also you have a great selection of templates to choose from – including templates that let you add your own image header.


  3. Cammy Bean Avatar
    Cammy Bean

    I’m using Blogger, ‘cuz that’s what I started with way back when. I’ve thought of moving over to something “sexier” (I, too, have WordPress Envy) — but then my URL would change — and that seems like a big negative. So I guess I’ll stay.

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