What a month!

Setting up for SiQP 2007 in Queen’s Park, Toowoomba

I can’t believe this. After being as diligent as I have with the blogging, there I go–almost an entire month without. Ah, but what a month! A glorious week on the east coast of southern Mexico (Azul Resort) with the family for a wedding, and a week in Honolulu for a conference, and hanging out (as one does) with friends in that lovely, relaxed place. Blogging, mobile phones, to do lists, and all the other paraphenalia of a busy life seemed completely and utterly inappropriate and out of place. I was not tempted to check the email or the web at any time at Azul or in Honolulu, so I declare the two weeks of rest and recreation a total success.

Memories crowd in: early morning beach walks and the seaweed sweepers, beach butlers, family closeness, the blue blue Caribbean, Playa del Carmen, the Mayan ruins at Tulum and the iguana “gods” who protect the piles of rocks, and in Honolulu just catching up with the past – places and people. Being with the children and the family, meeting new extended members made for a magical time. I doubt we’ll ever do it again quite as spectacularly. It was however, important for us all to be together at an important time for all of us as family.

The next creative project is to edit the wedding footage, download the sound file interviews from the reception and create a DVD memento for the happy couple. Should keep me busy. So, a time of catching up with everything and everyone …

It’s actually been hard to get going again. The head was wonderfully free of “stuff” after two weeks’ break. The time back, since January 19th has been about recalibrating the energy for action. Next up is the Festival and the pace that implies–meetings, calls, messages, rehearsals. Back to business with the Empire and Queensland Theatre Company, and girding up for Founders’ Dinner next Friday, the first big event in the university’s 40th anniversary celebration.

Oh and the little matter of the production of Mad Forest due to start on February 26. Read the script again–lovely piece, and if anything can forge an ensemble, it will be this one. Fun to work with a group I don’t know. No preconceptions, and a good getting to know you.

I’m having fun with the new Nikon and despite the heat of a steamy January, have managed to capture some nice pieces around the garden. I’m managing to keep Project 365 going, not that it is as easy as you’d think. Ah, productivity!





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