Week 5: How can that be!

There’s a definite sense of autumn in the air which means we are getting mighty close to production time! Last 4-day weekend’s rehearsal period saw our doughty director and the creative team work their way through the mind-numbing exercise known as directing a crowd scene. Perhaps not so much mind numbing as shredding. There were 27 or so bodies on stage working through the pretty involved party scene which ends with the show-stopped Tomorrow Belongs to Me. There’s a tonal ebb and flow as well as the more obvious choreographed dance sequences and stage pictures and it all has to look just … so. Once again I’m reminded of that aesthetic principle of effortless beauty which characterises the best work, be it golf swing or a dance routine.

And so on we go into Week 5.

PS: Research factoid. Nazi Germany produced the postcode.






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