Week 3: Rehearsals, trust and the feel-goods

Creative Commons License photo credit: ghostdad

On we go inching our way through the text … another rehearsal another song, another movement routine … not quite dancing. A bit of a relief really. I’ve not been blessed with feet touched by Terpsichore. So you think you can dance? Nope, not this gal. Not fair because I love it when the rhythm kicks in. Practise, practise, practise.

On another note, as Cabaret rehearsals progress, what is happening is a bonding between performers and the production team. No one is talking about it … you don’t have to; it’s just there. With this bonding comes trust in the team, and the confidence to reach for the extra yard. Effort and intensity of effort are developed and supported, and little by little the story and its characters are embodied. The sweat drips and the brain works overtime coordinating muscular and mental effort (this is me … see Terpsichore above). Does this bring on a feeling of well-being? You betcha!

Got to pondering on whether endorphins might have been involved … you know, the enzymes released into the system after a big workout, or under stress, or in the face of danger and so on. Popular wisdom says their release causes the so-called runners’ high. The research jury is well and truly out on this one however. Some scientists believe the reported elation or feeling of well-being comes from completing/surviving a challenge rather than as a result of the exertion which released the enzymes. Oh, and if you eat enough of them, chili peppers also release endorphins. OK.

I can vouch for the stress levels and activity of some rehearsals and performances, and have no problem equating some of these to a good physical and mental workout. I can also unequivocally assert that rehearsals and performances are some of the more stressful activities you can get involved in. Whatever caused them, my feel-goods were working overtime as I drove away from rehearsal this afternoon.

Good sweat! Nice rehearsal! Hold the chili.






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