Watching from the wings: Dress 1

Watching from the wings is one of those special perspectives only granted to the inner circle of a production. I’ve often thought audiences would be fascinated by what goes on ‘out there.’ You could sell tickets maybe! As an actor, I’ve been lurking a bit in the wings, soaking up the energy on stage and trying to absorb the events in the narrative to assist the scenes in which I appear; this is part of my prep. It is the production as a whole which occupies everyone’s mind right now … individual performances by actors, crew and musicians are geared toward the ensemble, and we draw energy and inspiration from one another. This is a thrilling time as we work towards the entrance of the audience.

And tonight? A great feeling at night’s end. Our energy is up, and the ensemble is clicking. To bed … adrenaline rush gone … tired but elated. The lines continue to run in the head … but the page has gone, replaced by faces, colours, movement. We have a play!






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