Utterli appropriate: tools for a new gen of citizen journalists

I’m impressed by the growing slew of portable device apps that make it possible for bloggers and social commentators to post their reports across platforms online or via their mobile phones. Enter Utterli (formerly Utterz) and now Seesmic for the Nokia N95.

Last month, I watched the Democratic National Convention via a feed that had been put together to aggregate all the reports coming in from the field from a small team of citizen journalists … boy wonders in my eyes. Yesterday Seesmic introduced a platform which enables video posts via the Nokia N95. Now that’s a great phone with a terrific on-board lens and camera, and the images are sensationally good.

The upcoming gen of journalists either those paid by media corporations, freelancers or the so-called ‘citizen journalists’ are going to be embarrassed for choice. But oh how I despair for the ‘heritage media.’ They need to get on board the digital communications and reporting train, and fast. My local print newspaper has no blogging capability, and I met a resouding silence when I emailed the editor recently (politely) to suggest it might be timely. Ironic really when the Fairfax group in Australia recently dumped 500 jobs.

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