Twitter and the Groundling

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Groundlings love being in crowds and in-crowds. It’s part of the buzz at the theatre for a start. Now the social-networking addicts’ favourite application, Twitter has a brand-new (about an hour old as I peck away here) International Theatre Group. How about that!

And what’s the point, apart from indulging your addiction? Joining this group, as with any other dedicated Twitter group aka a dedicated-directory means that you can stay in touch with like-mindeds, extend your reach, get more hits on your blog … and hopefully get other theatre folk to leave comment and come back for more.

Welcome to you if you are on the Twitter group. Please leave a hello below. If you’re not, why not join us?

The hashtag is #theatre (note the spelling).

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3 responses to “Twitter and the Groundling”

  1. Simon Avatar

    G’day Oz! I miss it downunder, how’s the surf?

  2. Admin Avatar

    How’s the surf? Oh how I wish I were there right now. I know a lovely spot called Noosa Little Cove. Then there’s Peregian and Sunrise Beach, miles of beautiful creaming waves. Ahhh. Currently sitting in 30+C heat and sweltering.

  3. Simon Avatar

    Agh, you’re killing me. I know Noosa well, beauty surf. I miss the Aussie surf like crazy. Must go check my surf cams…

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