Turbocharged linking and snow on my desktop

And of course this post from 2007 which was prepared on Spinning’s former incarnation (on WordPress.com) had gently falling snowflakes across its face. Not any more, sadly. We’re now in WordPress.org and the snow has melted. If you do have a WordPress.com blog, lucky you for this sweet little festive feature. Somewhere up there, it’s snowing.

I’m enjoying the gently falling snowflakes on my blog page … a nice little extra from the clever WordPress team, but only till tomorrow apparently. Not that it’s ever snowed where I live … or in midsummer … which it is right now where I live. Closest would be some very sulky sleet many years ago in the dead of winter.

There’s nothing slow about a new blogging friend I’ve come across in the past week. I’m enjoying using linkify right now. It’s a clever little bookmartlet that you drag onto your tool bar. You will need to switch from editor to code to use linkify, but that’s as simple as switching tabs in your blog post writer. It’s then a simple matter of highlighting the text you want to use as a link, clicking linkify in your tool bar and hey presto, a search pane appears on the right of your desk top with a list of possible linksites. You can click the URLs to check the sites before clicking ‘add a link.’ Saves time. It’s free and easy to use. Love it.





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