Time to Play

I didn’t believe I could wind down as fast as I have in the past couple of days. It’s Day 2 of the month off, and I’m energised, engaged, and having f-u-n. And what I’m playing at is reading and learning-new software and how to drive the new Nikon D40, a sweet camera if ever there was one.

The software is all about organising; I’m really stuck into the GTD stuff now. I’ve also discovered the “tagging” business via the de-licio-us site as a way of bookmarking stuff. Good for magpies on the net; you find something you like, you tag it with a meaningful word and it gets associated with a whole lot of other tags by people all round the net. Another face of social networking.

Just footling around the web typing in things like “Greek sailing holidays” and came upon a ripper of a site. The pictures, the prose! I knew this was the holiday I wanted. Wrote immediately about a two week cruise around the Cyclades, and heard back this morning with a suggestion that the one-week Dodecanese cruise might be a better go, since the Cyclades goes so far out from port. I think I might bring the dream forward to July 2007. OK, so now I can dream big. Greece in summer; I can almost smell the cypress trees and hear the cicadas.






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