Time for a change

I’m following up on my last post. I’ve decided to tease out the themes of this blog and go into deconstruct mode. I’m keeping this blog (after a bit of a face wash) to focus on teaching and learning, adventures in digital learning and productivity. I’ve shucked off theatre, acting and performance to a new blog, hosted on Vox (sorry good ol’ Blogger!) Part of this blog’s focus is on researching what’s best out there for hosting blogs, so it’s a legitimate casting-off.If you are interested in things theatrical, go to the new blog Groundling.

Next? Well, for personal rambling, it could continue to be Tumblr for a quick fix, or another blog. Now the big question will be ‘Can I keep up three blogs?’ or is this insanity? Time, dear reader, will tell.

Update 1: Groundling is now hosted on WordPress. Vox did it for me for a while but as I got more confident with WordPress, I decided this was a more flexible and appropriate platform for the blog. It’s also self-hosted.

Update 2: Groundling has turned into Greenroom, and Spinning a Learning Web became Groundling.  That’s blogging for you!


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