Theatre Downtime

No, this isn’t a reference to the silly season … most theatres are ‘dark’ at this time of year down-under. The exceptions are festival productions, chief of which is the Sydney Festival which has just romped in and taken over the town for a bit.

No, what I meant was that nothing much is happening in my neck of the woods. Until rehearsals for Shakespeare in the Park and Cabaret begin in the next month or so, things are very quiet on the local theatre scene. What to do? Well, looking back over the photos is a nice way to bring back the memories.

I’m playing in the online toolbox and finding some neat apps that manage your photos. You probably know about Flickr. Well this is SlideFlickr which brings you the contents of your albums or Flickr sets as a slideshow. Click on each photo and most will have more information on what, where and so on as well as a link back to my Flickr page.

So here is my Theatres album in a new format. You can get one too at SlideFlickr. Enjoy! (ED: Broken link. Such things happen as time goes by)






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