The siren call of the callback …

Is there a sweeter phone call for the actor than the one that says, “Callback?” Yes! It’s the one that says, “We want you” but one step at a time please … I got the first call this morning as I was leaving for work. Fair put a spring in me step it did. Some things never change.

So, tonight, to the callback with a still-standing (well, sitting actually) panel behind the desk. They were still smiling god love ’em. Must have been a big weekend. Anyhow, I had fun playing with some of my fellow callback-ees. The director put us through our paces. Playing ‘what ifs’ is the part of rehearsing I like best. Sniff out the possibilities, the choices. The taste tonight of the possibilities of working this way again has left me with more than fingers crossed. Now I want this thing! Come on phone, ring!






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