The hunt for the perfect swimsuit is over!

iStock_black-garbage-bagXSmallYes a long-ish drive to Brisbane on the hunt for the perfect swinsuit, but it was also a chance to start listening to a new audio book as I did. The swinish hordes of shoppers were not a bit swinish, and looked very much like me, and indeed were not horde-like … the crowds had thinned a lot. I did find the togs and so nicely do they fit and look, that I bought two.

Also did some bookshop crawling (a favourite pastime) and found a great new place, Folio Books, and couldn’t resist the Pen Shop in Elizabeth Street where I ogled amazing fountain pens with names like Porsche! Bought myself a Fisher Space Pen (little materialist me has been lusting after one of these Silver Bullets for months), pawed over the various moleskine notebooks, but didn’t succumb, and bought perhaps one of the more indulgent items ever, a bottle of Mont Blanc rose-scented red ink called “Je t’aime” for “love letters.” I plan to use it when marking my students’ assignment papers. Let them wonder!

Kitted the male child out in a very nice looking ensemble, jacket and trousers, for the wedding. Think all is just about ready to pack.

I plan to spend the weekend doing an end of year “cull” of the place. I do find this a very soothing occupation, and seeing the big black bags of stuff to either toss or send to a charity store very calming. I never cease to be amazed at my pack-rattery. Loving reading The Time Traveller’s Wife and pottering in the garden. Everything is growing madly, despite the coolish weather which is very unseasonal for late December. Tomorrow is the last day of the year, so time to reflect no doubt on what was, and what might be.

Ah, and the matter of the paper still to be written …






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