The e-traveller hits the road again

This time I’m heading to the US for a holiday … no conferences, no presentations, just fun. I’m very keen to have the opportunity to join in the celebrations following Barack Obama’s inauguration; I imagine the place will be bursting with bonhomie and pride. It deserves to be.

I’ll be tweeting and blogging and uploading to Flickr as I go … all the fun that’s fit to report, and I hope that’s a-plenty. I’m getting cannier as I go these days.  A card reader and a small point and shoot Nikon L16 (rechargeable AA batteries) do service in the still photography department, whilst MarsEdit is my offline blogging app of choice. The trusty, small G4 Powerbook is the computer that’s tagged along with me faithfully for 4-5 years. I really can’t leave it behind any more, and it’s size and power give me all the grunt I need.

This time I am being joined by a new toy which I’m picking up in the US. I’ve wanted an ultra-portable-put-in-your-pocket-no-fuss HD video camera, and thanks to Amazon, will have a Creative Labs Vado HD waiting for me. You can read the pros and cons in this comparative review by Chris Pirillo.  I’ll post the first experiments edited via iMovie to Vimeo. Phew … must remember to just do some touristy lollygagging along the way.

Stay tuned ….

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