The Delight of a New Toy

I’ve been reading far too much recently about the creative possibilities of digital photography software. I’ve also been taking dozens (hundreds?) of photographs with the new Nikon D-40. I’m liking Derek Story’s style and substance on the podcast The Digital Story and the fun stuff they talk about in the Photojojo newsletter. My curiosity piqued, I decided it was time for a new toy.

Did my research, and found that Photoshop Elements was the go for me. The biggies like Light Room and Aperture have far too many bells and whistles for this happy snapper. I am now desperate for some unhurried hours to do some digital finger-painting with all the goodies in the Photoshop software. Alas, those hours are not on the horizon right now. Too much else in my world–a festival to run, classes to teach, a garden crying out for attention, a show to direct and books to read. Ain’t life grand!






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