The Day of Dust

But wait … there’s more dust, originally uploaded by Dramagirl.

Dust Storm in sepia
Image by Dramagirl via Flickr

It’s been a difficult, dusty day. I awoke around 5 am to a mighty wind … well it sounded and felt like that. Within a couple of hours dust began to appear all around – blown in from the north-west and off the dry inland plains of the continent. From this point onwards the interwebs began to buzz with pictures and commentary from Australians experiencing the sheer misery of the giant dust cloud settling around the eastern half of the country. Somehow sharing in this way helped to make it a little more bearable. It was nice to have messages of concern from friends overseas, with advice to take it easy out there. You bet .. visibility was down on the roads, but fortunately everyone was indeed taking it easy or staying indoors.

Tonight as I write this, the wind continues to blow outside, and the dust hangs in the air. It tastes and smells just as you might expect. Everyone is hoping a change will come overnight, and that we might wake to a clearer world.

Oh yes, climate change is a reality.

Check out the fantastic – word used advisedly – images published in The Big Picture. They use a ‘cross-fade’ technique on some of the images to show you the location under dust, and how it normally appears.

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