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Updated August 29 2008. About a week or so after my return from abroad, all traces of my summer vacation had disappeared from the embedded FriendFeed post which I had set up … the remains of which appear below. I removed the feed because it kept updating, keeping pace with the social networks and posts streaming in to it. If you want to use the FriendFeed embed code to track an event and then ‘freeze’ it in time, I’d recommend against using the otherwise admirable FriendFeed this way. Consider instead a separate blog for your travels, and embed FriendFeed there. Hey presto!

While I am adventuring around Europe this northern summer, I’m using Friend Feed, a useful aggregating service to suck in all of my shares on Flickr, Twitter, Seesmic, Tumblr, and elsewhere on my growing social network. And I wondered why I wasn’t getting so much (proper) blogging done lately!

I’ve been using Friend Feed for a week now and find it immensely useful to track my own friends’ postings from diverse services.  Once travel proper commences this weekend, posts via any of my services wll find their way here. Kind of cheating I know … but it’s the (so-far) easiest way I’ve found to keep faith with entries here whilst away.

My connectivity tools of choice this summer are the iPhone and my G4 Powerbook laptop.

Below is an embedded link to my Friend Feed where postings via aforesaid social networking sites will get posted. ‘Aloha’ or should that be ‘bonjour.’

PS I’m going to be out of the country when the new G3 iPhone launches here in Australia! Wonder will I be missing scenes similar to the ones we’ve been used to from the US in recent times.

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