Thank God for Outsiders

Why is it that it takes an outsider to make one stop the frantic round of life, step off for a bit, and take time to see things as they are or to rehearse what might be. These past three days a dear friend from many years past and far off has stayed with me, and just catching up and being hostess for a few days–aka role-changing–has given me a marvellously refreshing breather. This despite a stressful time managing a major project which has not run as smoothly as I’d hoped. It reminded me forcefully of how important is taking care of friendships, and of how rewarding this attention can be. A true friend … “Grapple them to your soul with hooks of steel” as old Polonius would say. Memo to self, get off the noisy, fast merry-go-round, and play quietly with a friend more often. Not for nothing does the word “recreation” also mean “re-creation” through doing something.






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