Sneaking up on a wiki

I’ve not been taken overly much with wikis. The ones I’ve had anything to do with (IT in-house developed) were on the whole, boring looking, and tricky to use. Changed my mind when I discovered the neat little Wikispaces. Very easy to put together, and if you don’t mind the advertising (you can remove it for US$5 per month), and its visual limitations, then it’s got the potential to provide a nice collaborative environment for class discussion. So, perfect for my needs, i.e., in this instance, a verbally-oriented collaborative site. I hope to get it focussing on audience reaction to some playreadings over the past week. It’s built; the trick is to get them to come!

Neat how the word ‘wiki’ has evolved from the Hawaiian ‘wiki-wiki’ (quick) . My first experience of anything wiki was back in 1992 when I arrived in Hawaii to start my doctoral studies at UH. The airport shuttle at Honolulu International airport is called the wiki-wiki shuttle! Little did we dream back then of the mighty wikipedia et al.






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