Second Life, Chocolate, and a Phoenix called Phil

What kind of a title is this? Well, a few things that are floating my way right now are certainly worth mentioning … the possibility of winning a whole kilo (ye gods 2.1lbs) of chocolate in the 31 Days to a Better Blog comp. So I’m up for that.

The other is learning more about Second Life and the learning possibilities it holds for we educators. Next Tuesday August 14, and hosted by the Faculty of Education, my university (University of Southern Queensland) is hosting a workshop-symposium on online learning in virtual worlds.

Our university’s mascot (Phil the Phoenix) hangs out on an island there. Actually this little guy gets round a lot. He’s part of a photo competition right now as part of USQ’s 40th anniversary celebrations. With his experience of Second Life, Phil is flying in to give us some insider-information. Led by some top workshop leaders, we’ll be going face to face in a triple-cast mode: real-life, Second Life and a live webcast. Drop by and check it out. I’ll be reporting in due course.

Phil would also love you to drop by at Flickr to see where he has been so far. Anywhere in your neck of the woods?





2 responses to “Second Life, Chocolate, and a Phoenix called Phil”

  1. alex Avatar

    Hi Kate,
    I am involved in a group exploring 3d Virtual Worlds in education, of which Second Life is one! I am in every Tuesday evening. My avatar is Spinner Mills, if you would like to catch up “in world” add me as a friend!
    Alex Miller

  2. Kate Foy Avatar
    Kate Foy

    I just might do that. Tomorrow is the Virtual Worlds conference at USQ and I’m hoping to get more a sense of what happens out there, and the potential for education … the focus for the day.

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