Scattering comment pixie-dust … my heroes

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Day 6 has dawned bright and oh so clear where I write. I’m a morning blogger and I have to say one of the things that gets my brain in gear for the day ahead is the ritual of good coffee with a look out over my valley and then some word-smithing to get the left and right brain collaborating.

Anyhow, my own task for the day is to scatter some comment goodness over unsung heroes of mine. These are the gorgeous geek guys and girls who labour away over website design, plug-in creation, and applications which they give away in the best spirit of open-learning. I wouldn’t be blogging without the brilliance and creativity of these web friends.  So I’m visiting nerd sites today … I use the term nerd with the greatest respect … to say a heartfelt thanks.

Follow the trail of the comment pixie-dust!


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