SAG Awards … strength in union

Mostly I hate awards shows on television apart from the frocks and curiosity as to who will get the loot and who gives the best speech. I think you probably have to be there to appreciate the thrills involved at these dos. It was nice though to see the SAG awards ceremony today on cable tv. Everyone was all dressed up as they usually are, the frocks were lovely, the blokes brushed up well, the intro speeches were scripted to sound as flat and predictable as ever, but the individual thanks were heartfelt. What was great to see was the fact that there was a ceremony at all. It was about union solidarity. The workers united … writers and technicians said thanks to the actors for their support during the ongoing strikes, and the show (as it must) went on. Nice.

You might have caught the whole smart series of Speechless ads, actors in support of the writers’ strike. All 33 episodes are here on YouTube. This one is my favourite. Shows what good actors can do with any script.






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