Rediscovering the Podcast: My Top Picks

I’ve been in blogland for months, have produced no podcasts, and I’m starting to feel withdrawl symptoms! I’m prepping for another couple of lectures in a theatre history course I share with a colleague. I’m itching to accommodate the new Keynote audio feature, but think I’ll stick with Garageband to produce the podcast. I’ve written about producing podcasts my way before.

I’m a bit of a podcast fan. They are a great way to catch-up, be entertained, inspired … whatever you fancy. I listen while commuting, washing-up, as a bit of an antidote to television viewing. You have to work harder when listening to a spoken word podcast. And that’s good; there are fewer distractions.

My favourites subscriptions right now, and all gettable through iTunes. Some are video, others audio,

MacBreak Weekly. All about the Mac with wit, savvy and style. These are the blokes I’d love to have a beer with.
The Digital Story. The genial Derek Story and guests on all things relating to digital photography. Content is gold, but makeover the intro please!
Like the theatre? The National Theatre of Great Britain podcasts are fabulous, but most of them sound as though they have been recorded in a phone box in the rain. They need to put a lapel mic on interviewer and interviewee, and have an audio tech do his thing. These podcasts are usually recorded during the NT’s platform presentation series.
Summer Heights High. This is an ABC (Australian) video podcast of the television series starring the brilliant Chris Lilley. Want a very non-PC glimpse into contemporary Australian school culture as well as a bit of savage larrikin humour? Look no further.
… and a discovery this weekend, a terrific educational podcast series Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wes Fryer. I’ve got some catching up to do here.
I’ve been listening on and off to Merlin Mann and his productivity-focussed 43 Folders podcasts. They are still available, though he’s gone over to video podcasts on the Merlin Show with very droll, obscure US musicians. Whoops … well obscure to this baby boomer. OK, that aside, I wish this guy lived next door.
… and of course the TED talks. I’m addicted. Want to be inspired by someone? This is the place. So you can keep track, here’s a list handily provided by the smart TEDs on all the talks so far.





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  1. Laura Whitehead Avatar
    Laura Whitehead

    Hi Kate – thanks for the links, will check them out. Totally am with you on the TED talks though, been my fave for a while now!

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