Power of the Personal: Mena Trott on Blogging

I am a big fan of TED Talks ever since I discovered them earlier this year. If you want to be inspired by a mover, shaker, thinker or doer in just about any field, check them out at the TED Talks page.

TED stands for ‘technology, education, and design’ but in this video, the delightful mover/shaker/thinker and doer Mena Trott, speaks about why she blogs. Mena is the President and co-founder of Six Apart, the amazingly successful company that has given us Type Pad, Vox, Live Journal, and now Movable Type. Where does she get the time to blog?

I watch this for fun, to refresh my thinking on blogging, and to be reminded of the value of the personal.

Go directly to TED: Mena Trott on Building a Friendlier World Through Blogs.





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  1. Michele Martin Avatar
    Michele Martin

    Hi Kate–Love Mena and I love this talk. She seems like someone you’d want to hang out with. You should add this to the BBB community for those days when we may be feeling less than inspired. 🙂

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