Postcard of a project

I’ve been working with a team of students for the past 10 weeks on what we call a production project. It’s a period of engagement with a particular play with all of their classes, training, workshops, rehearsals etc., being focussed on the final outcome … a public production. The students are in their second year of an intensive professional training program designed to prepare them for careers as actors or technical production folk.

Came opening night last week and I pondered on what to give them as a thank you and a keepsake. Usually it’s a card or small gift. Instead I gathered together the images we had shot collectively during the period and processed them through Animoto. You can watch it on my Vodpod collection in the left sidebar, or right here.


2 responses to “Postcard of a project”

  1. Diane Hammond Avatar

    What a beautiful gift! I’m sure they’ll all love it!

    I did something similar at the beginning of March. My friend talked me into snowshoeing up the mountain. It was such a beautiful day, cold as it was, and I wanted to thank her for making me stretch my limits. I’m sure she won’t mind if I share this. Here’s my “post card thank you”:

  2. Kate Foy Avatar

    I love these little Animotos! What fun snow-shoeing looks Diane. One of these days, one of these days …. Nice to have you drop by.

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