Post Audition

Well, OK, not bad … but then what would I know! It’s the way of the audition; in, out, and done. One way to get through the ‘Oh my god what a disaster’ or even ‘Hmm, not sures’ after an audition, is to stay busy. Worst thing is to post-mortem, and try to second guess what was going on in their heads.

It was actually all very friendly and I was made to feel most welcome and relaxed, despite the could-be-if-you-let-it-be-daunting panel behind the long table: director (the charming and witty Lewis Jones), musical director, choreographer, musical director, designer, apprentices, uncle Tom Cobbly and all. Actually this was nice as it gave me an audience to play for. I had a chance to run through my song with the accompaniste on stage before hand; this helped to loosen me up a bit, calm the nerves. Then back into the studio for an acting read, then the song, a few scales, the ‘thank-yous’ and back into the real world. Didn’t have to do a movement audition. Nice.

The waiting begins …






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