PD, Twitter and Me

I stopped by a PD session for educators online this morning.  It was run via ustream.tv on the wiki site Open pd and was not without its glitches (sound drop outs etc but this is almost mandatory in sessions like this). This truly open, global professional development session demonstrated a very useful way for individuals’ meeting as a collective to engage in discussion on various matters; in this case it was about wikis on a wiki. Neat!

I stayed only about 10 mins to get a sense of how the gathering worked. The coffee had brewed! I wasn’t one of the only 9 at a time that could use Skype to communicate, but I pitched in some comments via the chat pane facility … it’s quick and busy of course. These mini PDs and conferences will only improve as the technology and we get better/more confident/convinced of their value together. You have to sign up for and into sessions on Open PD and get a free account for ustream.tv. Why wouldn’t you? Even if you’re just putting your toe in the water of live, streaming presentations … think of the possibilities for teaching by distance … then it would be a great way to play. As they say on the ustream.tv site, all you need is an internet connection and a camera.

And as a post-script … how did I find out about this PD session? Via Twitter. Think I’m learning to love that busy highway!


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