Opening Night

Is there anything more glamorous in theatre jargon that the phrase ‘opening night.’ Heck Broadway show tunes (Another Opening Another Show: Kiss Me Kate) and even whole shows (42nd Street; A Chorus Line; maybe even The Producers) have been written about this particularly thrilling time in the life of a stage actor. Tonight was ours.

And in the time-honoured tradition of opening night rituals there were little gifts, notes, hugs, wishes all of which reinforced the bonding we’ve created during the past 10 weeks. There is nothing quite as solid as a good ensemble … or as ephemeral. We’ll be fragmented in a few days time, returning to our ordinary lives. For a while we’ve been living in a creative space and making beautiful music together. Opening night celebrates the power of creativity and community … because of course, we get to share it as a collective with the audience.

It’s just gone midnight. I’m home letting go of the evening … the adrenaline rush has dissipated and bed calls. For me, this opening night was walked on eggshells as I’ve picked up some sort of laryngeal problem which is playing havoc with my voice. Oh yes … an opening night of a musical and I’m nursing a voice that doesn’t want to play nicely. This probably qualifies for another sub-plot in the actor’s nightmare. Anyhow, I got through and the production worked. I knew it would. Our creative team is on top of its game and the acting company had a dream ride.

Tomorrow we play again and the next day, and the next. It’s a sweet task.






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