Not dead yet …

Oh the miracle of pencillin! A weird few days of exhaustion, discomfort, spots of lucidity where I managed to get some research and writing done, all interspersed with odd snatches of fever-dream like ‘movies in my mind.’ I don’t want another cup of chicken soup or honey and lemon tea EVER! Realised once again what a bad, bad patient I am. Patience doesn’t seem to be in the vocabulary as far as my own inadequacies are concerned. However, and all whingeing aside, I am feeling much better and hopefully ready to take on whatever the week throws at me. The agenda is pretty full on (when is it otherwise). The key will be to stay organised, GTD in a sane way, and go to bed early when I can. I got the conference paper in on time. I hope it’s accepted.

Decided I needed human company for a few hours last night, so dressed up a bit (the red jacket helped draw attention away from the ‘sick as a lab monkey look’ I was sporting). Took myself off to the Empire Theatre for the QO’s pops concert. The program focussed on classical music in the movies; the ‘newly-refurbished from the old movie theatre’ Empire is 10 years old this month, so ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ featured some pretty good stuff including the beaut first movement (the Beach) from Michael Nyman’s The Piano Suite. Some Mozart, Samuel Barber, and John Williams’ mighty ‘Star Wars’ suite sent me home satisfied if a bit wrung out. Softly, softly I think this weekend.





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