New, fresh, nouveau etc.

Update: And, in the way blogs reflect the owner’s lifestyle changes, this one has since undergone a name change to reflect the blog’s subject matter – the increasing diversity of interests of the owner aka ‘the magpie mind’

New focus, new look, new name. I’ve gone all the way on this one. The URL remains the same, and the new title certainly focusses on the blog’s contents. I decided against the whole migration thing to another site after reading too many ‘too hard’ posts. Have gone with a name change but kept the blog hosted in the same place here on Blogger.

I mulled over what my fresh-faced blog should be called, and with head-slapping lack of imagination, adapted the name from the title of a paper I will be delivering at the AUC (Apple University Consortium) Conference at Royal Pines on Queensland’s Gold Coast, September 23-26. Nice to have it accepted, and looking forward to this one … and to getting the good oil from the keynote speakers and other presenters. Did I mention the great golf course at Royal Pines by any chance?





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