My latest (redundant cause) tee-shirt

I had to laugh! My latest tee-shirt arrived in the post this morning. Yesterday the chatter round the interwebs was that the Australian federal government wouldn’t have the numbers to push legislation to install mandatory internet filters via customers’ ISPs. Some ISPs have panned the scheme, whilst others are already trialling a filtering scheme that many pundits are calling an infringement of civil liberties, free speech (add your own here) and which tech mavens are calling useless. The majority of the support voices are raised in defence of kids who can be targets of very ugly predators on the web.

OK, my tee slogan says it all. But will I have to wear it I wonder? Time will tell. In the meantime it’s an interesting cultural-historical artefact.

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2 responses to “My latest (redundant cause) tee-shirt”

  1. Talia Avatar

    It’d be great if you didn’t have too. 🙂 But keep it anways. It’s part of history now!

    Talia’s last blog post..Dahab, Egypt

  2. Jim Bennett Avatar

    Is internet censorship really an issue in Australia?

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