Moving Postcards

Creative Commons License photo credit: Leo Reynolds

At the time of writing this update, Moving Postcards is the most popular post on the blog. I wonder if it’s due to the title, or to the tags I’ve used here. Whatever the reason I’m delighted so many are interested in what is a description of my photographic habits at the time. I’ve now got a Nikon Coolpix L16 7.1 MP. It travelled right round Europe with me in July 2008 and performed like a trouper. Highly recommended.

I’m on holiday, so I’ve been playing with Animoto again today. I produced a short animated postcard on life around my place, here on a ridge in southern Queensland. It’s called Yarrawonga, which in the language of the indigenous people means ‘place of trees.’ I took the shots from the Project 366 set I’ve created on Flickr.

At the start of this year, Flickr folk could sign up through a dedicated group called 366Photos. There the challenge was and is to capture and post at least one image a day for the entire year of 366 days. Now I’m not as good as some of the more prolific group members … we’re 42 now … but I’m loving having to look out for or be surprised by a possible image that says something about that day. Alan Levine (CogDog) himself wrote a post today about his own experiences with 366Photos. He loves taking photographs too.

I’ve got an (oldish now but sweet) point and shoot Minolta Dimage Xt which has done sterling service round the world a couple of times for me. There’s the camera on the iPhone, as well as a spiffy Nikon D40, so there are no excuses for no shooting days. As a few of the group have noted it’s pushing your creativity when you realise round 11 at night that you’ve got nothing in the can for that day. It’s been the ubiquitous iPhone that’s been the workhorse when it comes to quick capture of something that is just suddenly there and you know that’s the shot. Other planned shots have been best done with the DSLR Nikon lenses I use, and especially the fast 50mm F1.4 which I am loving. Anyways, I’ve become far more visually acute since starting the project, and also loving the way others in the group drop by with a comment from time to time. We’re also watching the seasons unroll in our own places … April across the big pond is now springtime, whilst days down under are crawling through autumn.

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  1. Motorsport Experience Avatar

    I've got a habit of receiving post cards. I can understand the joy of receiving something really unique and nice.

  2. Racing Schools Avatar

    Wow, Animoto is really cooled. Amazing video created with just still photos.

  3. Singapore SEO Avatar

    I like the concept of Animoto. It is easy and requires no video editing knowledge.

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