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Comment systems are the latest webb apps to intrigue me, but boy are they volatile.  I had pretty much decided to let go of CoComment and throw in my lot with Disqus both regular, traditional comment systems … you know, the kind where you use words and write sentences?  At the same time I was lamenting the fact that old WordPress comments won’t show up in Disqus.

I’d been experimenting with Seesmic, the video commenting system during the recent 31 Day Comment Challenge, but found the jury to be out on using video comments; most prefer to comment and to ‘read’ written comments. Undaunted I persisted, but suddenly and for about a week, Seesmic (which had become a secret favourite of mine) wouldn’t record comments;  I was saddened as you are when a friend inexplicably stops calling you … but mostly I was frustrated. And then, somehow, somewhere the Seesmic gods took pity on me, and it all started working again.  Aha.

Within a day or so what should happen but along came the integration first of Disqus and then CoComment with Seesmic.  Okaaay …. moving right along. But wait, there’s more. I woke this morning to find that a new Seesmic embeddable player in blogposts enables threaded comments.  This is a bit of a big deal I reckon.

Have a lookie below. This blogpost is embedded using the new Seesmic player. I recorded it at the Seesmic site and pasted in the code here. The neat thing is that once people start commenting back (either here or at Seesmic) their comments show up. Just mouse over the pane and you’ll see them appear in a time-line. You can reply directly to the commenters or add your own thoughts by hitting the reply button. Your comment will then get added!

If you follow the conversation, and it does feel like a conversation, you’ll see that people helped me out with some of the problems I was having. We also talked about walking a dog, interior decoration, the potential video commenting systems hold for retirees and other ‘shut-ins,’ as well as hats! I’ve also met some new human beings.

Is this a step forward? I think so. And yes, I do feel as though I’m running on a treadmill, but I love the sensation.


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