Mistress of my own domain … what was I thinking?

Image: Vicki and Chuck Rogers

Yes I was seduced. Yesterday WordPress.com, today WordPress.org … tomorrow the world! I wanted my own domain site populated by all of my stuff and under my control. I paid my $$ up front, got the domain site, a friendly and supportive host, and started my empire building. Yesterday was the day to put into practice what I thought I knew about all that add-on domain, subdomain, parked domain stuff, and to start mapping out the killer site. Dear reader, the learning curve has been incredibly steep, and as I write, I ponder my folly.

I did have some small successes, and at the end of an long, intensive day of anguishing over and finally uploading themes, exporting and importing content, doing the plug-in two-step, and working out FTPs and domain file hierarchy (I love the way I can toss this jargon around) I am cautiously pleased with my progress, but we’re a long way from the finishing line. I suspect that building a website and a domain empire is something like gardening … it’s a growing thing, it’s never finished, and there are going to be lots of bugs along the way. It’s “a lovesome thing, God wot” as the poet said.

OK, so the difference between going with WordPress.org or staying with safe WordPress.com is a no-brainer. Stick with the .com if you’re pressed (sorry) for time, want it quick and easy, and don’t mind the egolessness of a .wordpress.com at the end of your blogname. That, or get someone else to do it all for you.

If you want your own patch branded with your name or some other personal identifier, and like to tinker around creatively under the hood, then take the plunge … get a domain etc., and throw your lot in with WordPress.org. If you are totally new to all of this, then you are going to learn lots. Bone-headed as I be, I remain unbowed (though humbled) and in awe of the process. I’m going to persist even if it takes months to nut out this thing called creating a site and managing a domain. Lots more rattling around in this particular toolbox I fear!

I do like the WordPress “Code is poetry” by-line though.

Stay tuned.





5 responses to “Mistress of my own domain … what was I thinking?”

  1. nakelove Avatar

    well good luck to you! my company started a .org blog, and it has been driving me crazy! huge difference between my little personal .com blog, vs this thing. right now i can’t even say it’s the beginning stage. it’s just “in a stage!!!”

  2. Sue Waters Avatar

    One day Kate I hope to visit you — hopefully once you have mastered the process so I can see how much work was involved. At the moment, while I minimal control of my template I think that I am more than happy to stay with Edublogs and let them have all the worries. Saying all that I truly admire you for undertaking the process.

  3. Christine Martell Avatar

    While I am no expert, I have been mucking under the hood of WordPress.org for a while. I might have learned something that is helpful to you? So don’t hesitate to ask and see if by chance I know 🙂

  4. Laura Avatar

    Hi Kate, great to hear you’ve had a go! Just think in a couple of months you’ll look back at all of this and be very proud of yourself and that you did it!

  5. Kate Foy Avatar
    Kate Foy

    Laura. Oh I hope so … I hope so. Feeling a bit ragged round the edges and very thick! Reminds me a bit of algebra … yikes!
    @ Sue, Christine and nakelove … thanks for your support.

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