Macworld round the world: delight and disappointments

Fascinated to see how lots of people in my Twitter network stayed up around the world waiting, waiting for that keynote speech. When I got out of bed next morning it was all over bar the blogging, Tweeting, and podcasting. There was predictable gushing and cooing over the MacBook Air, quickly followed by a dousing with cold water when the price ticket was digested and its limitations dissected.

I was keen to hear what the MacBreak Weekly podcast team had to say; they are smart folks. Predictably on the job, they reported within an hour or so of Steve Jobs’ Keynote from the Moscone Center in SF. Like me, some admired but weren’t about to spring the cash for the newest MacBook, the Air. I’m also hearing this from colleagues around the traps: ‘beautiful, if expensive, but I’m going to wait, and besides, I love my (insert whichever Mac model you like here).’ For more extended comment, you might want to read Paul Boutin on ‘Why I’m disappointed …

Just as I had, some of the MBW team picked the Apple tv as the highlight of the releases. What was always a bit of gear whose report card ‘showed lots of promise’ has now developed into a gizmo which is in effect, a set-top box. Apple’s pitch into the big league of media providers is a serious contender indeed. You don’t even need a computer to use the Apple tv. Not bad especially for the digital immigrant cohort, for whom anything with ‘computer’ in a tag can bring on an anxiety surge. For those of us in Australia, movie and tv show rentals are still somewhere far off, just like the iPhone. C’mon … let’s get moving people. Mr Murdoch, can you speed things up a bit please?

For those down under and elsewhere in non-iPhone territory, you can forget all the add-on releases; none of them are eye-poppingly great. Fairly ho-hum in fact. Many who have already jail-broken would have these via 3rd party apps. The Time Capsule is a baby though! Wireless backups for every Mac in the house? Terrific. Bring it on.

And of course, we all now know what that ‘something in the air’ slogan meant; wireless is the Apple future. Problems though for people who don’t have wireless connectivity in their home, or who live places where wireless is not available freely i.e., outside big cities and in some countries. There are plenty of add-ons (at extra cost) for those for whom ethernet is a must-have. And therein lies the rub.





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