Looking Forward, Looking Back

The 31-day challenge is hotting up, at least the work appears to be getting seriously organised. There’s lots of buzzing around the blogs by the team linking up via Michelle Martin’s Bamboo Project Blog. Michelle has asked us to consider what we’ve learned during the first 7 days. For me, being proactive by getting out there (emails, comments) and making your blog known (add it to email signature lines, and Facebook.)

The latest from Problogger Darren Rowse is to plan our postings for the next week. Great idea. I scent a whiff of GTD productivity in the air! Taking Darren’s advice, I started last night by mapping out some themes whirling round in my head right now. I expanded on them ready for tweaking and posting next week. Makes sense to have some backups too. During the last couple of weeks, I fell prey to the flu that’s got Australia down and out right now. It was a real struggle for me to think straight and get content out there.

Some good tips from Darren on what to do if you do get sick and can’t blog for a day or two. The one that resonated with me: Rest!





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  1. Tim Davies Avatar
    Tim Davies

    Hello Kate

    Many thanks for the comments as a fellow 31-day challenger 🙂

    Just browsing through some of your past posts. It’s interesting – this challenge is also teaching me to get more out of reading other blogs as well as from posting… and it looks like there’s a good archive here to explore… 🙂


  2. Sue Waters Avatar
    Sue Waters

    Hi Kate

    Making time to read through everyone’s post. I hope you are feeling better. Planning a week’s worth of posts is really hard. Asked the question in both Twitter and forum – no response.

    Put question as 3 options and now have 3 weeks worth of posts. LOL

    Mobile Technology in TAFE

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