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Now I’ve heard about these ‘meme’ things but for the first time last week I was tagged by Sue Hickton to release 7 or maybe 8 things you don’t need to know about me. Actually there are lots of things you don’t need to know about me, but you don’t need to know those now, do you. I originally tried to wriggle out of a response, but that would really lower my blog cred amongst my small but exclusive circle of blogmates. Besides others have done it, so here goes with the ‘things’:

  1. On gran, and my snake and lightning phobias. I had a couple of bad experiences in the backyard as a kid with the joe blakes. Then there was a close call with a lightning strike in my highchair as a wee kiddie. These phobias were not assuaged by the Irish Catholic superstitions of my grandmother, who would dash from room to room sprinkling holy-water whenever a storm loomed. Gran also had a marvellous collection of holy pictures in her missal.  You know, the ones with snakes and angels and bleeding hearts. Ugh! She was also a water-colorist enthusiast of no note whatsoever, but she taught me how to clean my painbrushes. It was a valuable, early lesson in the value of craft skills.
  2. I once had the same sandwich filling on my school lunches for an entire year, so my mother told me: cheese and tomato sauce. It’s an acquired taste but probably more a nod to my obsessiveness about … stuff.
  3. I could read when I was quite young apparently, and well before I got to school. I used to read bilboards, ads and everything that had words on it.  I’ve never stopped.
  4. I have a very high typing speed and can still take shorthand. My mother thought I should learn practical skills to ensure I always had a job. It was the 1960s you see. You should see me whirl around on this keyboard!
  5. I’ve been told that I speak French with an Irish accent. My French teachers were Irish nuns.
  6. I trained to be an actor in swinging London during the late 1960s. It really was a groovy place, baby!
  7. I learned to love cricket aged 3 or 4 at the knee of my great aunt and in front of an old upright radio.
  8. Our family history claims an ancient ancestor of mine was a knight of England’s Black Prince. His name was Sir John Hall and he lived in the 14th century. Wish you could time travel.

And somehow all of this is connected, somehow.

And now I get to tag 7 other amazingly diverse and fascinating individuals … and we’re all connected, somehow

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9 responses to “I’ve been tagged …”

  1. Sue Hickton Avatar

    Awesome work! Kind of scary for the first one isn’t it? But it was great. Laughing hard still at the french in an irish accent. That;s awesome. If it’s any consolation my mother literally made me do typing in year 8 (the 80s for me) which i resented her terribly for (only learning i was ever forcibly made to do) and to this day, still one of the best life skills I have ever learnt.Same same on the reading too. Was reading full blown Enid Blyton – Famous Five books etc by the time i started grade 1. Feels like I could always read.

    and had already worked out u were a cricket lover! I so want to see Shane Warne – The Musical….sad, but true.

    Sue Hickton’s last blog post..7 or maybe 8 Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me

  2. Christine Martell Avatar

    glad to see you in the memed circle.

    So just how do you survive snake phobia in Australia? Don’t you have the most and worst poisonous snakes in the world? Or have I just watched too many nature shows?

    I adore lightening, but do have compassion for those who do not. I had a neighbor growing up who would grab wooden spoons and beat things with them when it stormed. We would go over and watch her kids while she did it. Hmm, wonder how they turned out?

    My Mom can type really fast. I so wish I had actually listened to her when she told me I should learn to do that. See, it was the late sixties, so I was just rebellious.

    What does cricket have to do with pianos? Or am I just missing the Aussie speak again?

    Christine Martell’s last blog post..7 Things you don’t need to know about me

  3. Sarah Stewart Avatar

    I am really jealous of your connection with the medieval knight-its my favourite time of history and as you say, I’d love to go back in time.

    Sarah Stewart’s last blog post..7 More Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me

  4. Kate Foy Avatar

    @Christine Martell ‘Pianos’? Maybe you mis-read ‘radio’? We used to call them the ‘wireless’ back then … radios that is, not pianos. 🙂

  5. Christine Martell Avatar

    See how visual I am? I see upright and a word that is similar in shape that I don’t associate with upright— and I immeadiately convert it. Makes much more sense now 🙂

    Christine Martell’s last blog post..7 Things you don’t need to know about me

  6. Julie Roads Avatar

    Lucky me – I already played this tag game a while back…but thank you for calling me out. I LOVE the Irish/French/Nun story – so frickin’ classic.

    Julie Roads’s last blog post..You get to choose what happens next

  7. Kate Foy Avatar

    Aaaww! How about a link to your hidden secrets then? Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Sue Hickton Avatar

    yep – we have LOTS And LOTS of poisonous snakes here. I always said if I hadn’t done Marine Biology as my first degree I would have done Herpetology (reptiles). Love em

    Sue Hickton’s last blog post..7 or maybe 8 Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me

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