I’m on the road again …

I like reviewing the gear I take with me when I hit the road on trips. Hands up if you always take more than you need. Yes, me too. Before I took off for the US in January this year I posted on my favourite e-tools for the trip. Here’s an extract

I’ll be tweeting and blogging and uploading to Flickr as I go … all the fun that’s fit to report, and I hope that’s a-plenty. I’m getting cannier as I go these days. A card reader and a small point and shoot Nikon L16 (rechargeable AA batteries) do service in the still photography department, whilst MarsEdit is my offline blogging app of choice. The trusty, small G4 Powerbook is the computer that’s tagged along with me faithfully for 4-5 years. I really can’t leave it behind any more, and it’s size and power give me all the grunt I need.

I do miss not having a video camera in the G4 but that’s about all it doesn’t give me. I was tempted to take my son’s old MacBook, but the size-weight thing really does matter when you’re travelling, so I’ll be putting the G4 through the airport scanner yet again.

The Creative VADO-HD mini camera is working a treat. It will provide my moving images which I’ll more than likely put on my Vimeo page. That way they ‘flow’ out via my Friend Feed and Twitter account for access. I’m doing the 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge so I need to have daily access to the net. I’ve also planned a photo essay which will find itself on my Flickr account – again on a daily basis as a visual diary of the trip.

Where am I going? Singapore for a week. The internet access and speeds there are legendary, so I’m hoping for an easy ride.

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2 responses to “I’m on the road again …”

  1. CGabriel Avatar

    Hi Kate,

    I came across your name/blog on ProBlogger doing the same challenge you’re in. Upon arriving here, I was a bit taken back to see how many crossover points we have, professionally. On my end, 26 years as a classically trained actor, now a talk radio host and freelance writer.

    I’ve been reading through your site and have found it to be really well-written and pretty darn interesting. I plan on coming back!

    Best wishes from Minneapolis, Minnesota

    CGabriel’s last blog post..The Three Minnesota Driving Styles Direct from Hades

  2. Kate Foy Avatar

    Hi Chris – thanks so much for your comment and kind words. Isn’t it strange how these serendipitous things happen? I’ll be visiting yours too. Let’s see what other points of contact/chat we might have. You on Twitter at all?

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