iLife 08 and iWork: iLike

It’s true, Mac users have more fun. I’ve been testing out the new iLife 08 suite and its companion iWork for the past week or more, and I love what Apple have done with these apps.
You can read reviews of these beautifully designed, easy to use software packages elsewhere…just Google it…take a guided tour, watch video tutorials of iWork and iLife on the Apple site, and if you’re a Mac user, even take iWork for a free spin for 30 days.

In iWork 08 Keynote is an even better presentation tool with the capacity now to record commentary for each slide from within the software using the computer’s built-in or a plug-in mic. This feature (On Air) is a great time-saver and provides that contextual action availability which I love in smart applications. Keynote is going to get a hiding from me in the next couple of weeks as I prep for the AUC Conference at which I am presenting. It’s just gorgeous.

The other apps in iWork 08 (Pages and Numbers) just about make Microsoft Office redundant for the Mac user. Pages, the word processing app rates in the design aesthetics department for me. It is perfectly compatible with Office, as are all the iWork apps, whilst Numbers does for this spreadsheet illiterate what Excel never could do: keeps it intuitive but loses none of the power needed and adds the easiest print interface ever.

In the iLife o8 suite of iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, and iDVD, I’ve played only with iPhoto, which is a huge improvement on the old version. I can’t image most people wanting any more than the great photo-editing software–again intuitive and powerful–which is baked in to the app. Next step would be Photoshop or Aperture.

As for Garageband, it’s still one of my faves for Podcast prepping, but the downside to it and iMovie and iDVD is that they just don’t cut it for speed on my old trusty home desktop eMac. As one wag noted, the box should have come with a sticker on it: Now upgrade! Hmmm … how far off is Christmas and the release of Mac’s new OS Leopard?

No I don’t own any Apple shares … iWish!





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  1. alex Avatar

    Hi Kate, I just got the new iLife 2night! Yay!

    I love my Mac!!!

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